Jennifer Lawrence in Serena

Fill so your followers can get to know you

State your name: hanna
State the name that your parents almost named you: valerie
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? my sister
Did anything embarrassing happen this week? i tripped on the bus bc it the floor was wet and held on to a strangers leg and they were like are you okay??? it was bad
Do people praise you for your looks? no not really 
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? black
Do you work out every week? mostly
Do you like your smile? sure
Do you like your eyes? nah 
Do you think you are attractive? no
How much money is in your account? around $500 because i’ve been saving up
Do you want kids? yes
What does your backpack look like: its blueeee
What celebrity do you think is attractive? hmmm selena
Last movie you saw in theaters: guardians of the galaxy

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Anonymous: aw i'm in love with you too sakshakjsh you'll never know who this is bye

um….. what 


sometimes i get distracted by my own cleavage like… nice…….

Anonymous: aree you back on tumblr omg???

nope it’s not really a priority for me anymore, i’ll be here once in a while sometimeeessss i guess


I’m in love with this girl. She’s gorgeous, smart, talented, funny as hell, and totally badass. That girl is me.